“If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.”

These simple words that ring strong and true when one is sick or injured, but are often dismissed when not. WayandPath.com is a site dedicated to keeping you in the game and good health. We’ll do this as I share my path as an aging athlete and ask experts along the way to share their knowledge and experience. I’ll research products, treatments and idea’s and attempt to present them in a fun and informative format.

About me

That’s me in the picture above. I’m the bald guy on the court. I’m over fifty and I would describe myself as geek who loves to play sports. I’m active at least three times a week and I’m pretty “old school” in my approach to health, fitness and life.

I promise to approach each subject in a scientific and unbiased manner and try to keep an open mind as I share my findings with you. To start this off here’s a few of my favorite fitness device infomercials. Ridiculous Fitness Devices.

Now these will never appear in the webshop…but if you call now! 1-800….

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