The battle for the NBA Championship for the 2019 has ended with first time winner the Toronto Raptors defeating the Golden State Warriors.
After each game I hacked together a wallpaper all based on the “We the North” theme and the games action.


Game 1

The emergence of young Sir Spicy P. was celebrated with a convincing Raptor win in the first game of the Series.
The Raptors “trash” the Warriors.

Toronto win, series is 1-0
Raptors 118 Warriors 100



Game 2

Cousins and the Splash Bothers show their All Star class with a hard nosed play worthy of a champion.

GS win, series tied 1-1
Raptors 104 Warriors 109



Game 3

The strong showing by the Claw Clan as they exploit a depleted Warrior team. Curry scores 43 points.

Toronto win, lead series 2-1
Raptors 123 Warriors 109



Game 4

The Raptors take on the Warriors at the Bridge in Golden State and emerge the victor. Kawhi leads the charge.

Toronto win, lead series 3-1
Raptors 105 Warriors 92



Game 5

The glory of Champions featuring the Golden Company of Curry, Green, Thompson, Boogie and Durant shine in victorious battle. House Tarantula leaves the field due to injury.

GS win, series 3-2
Raptors 105 Warriors 106



Game 6

The North is victorious and the reign of the tyrant is ended. Long live the new King!

Toronto wins series 4-2
Raptors 114 Warriors 110



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