Coach Phil Winram


Phil Winram is an experienced basketball and business coach who merges expertise with enthusiasm, professionalism and vision.

He has over 20+ years of experience in the leadership and development of highly functioning teams.

As a basketball player, Phil has been privileged to be part of two professional teams in the Netherlands (DBL) and the UK (BBL).

A classic “glue guy” who worked hard and inspired teammates to do the same. Phil continued to play basketball until he was 46 years old and has led teams to multiple league titles as a player and player/coach.

Originally from Canada, he graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in engineering and a black belt in karate. Career performance with large international tech companies led to business leadership roles in the Middle East, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. He went on to found two companies focused on all mobile content development, one of which was awarded with the Deloitte Technology “Fast50” award (fastest 50 growing companies in the Benelux). More recently, he works as a digital consultant for multi-national product manufacturer.

He has been an assistant coach with the Dutch 1st Division team Apollo Amsterdam for five years where he was primarily responsible for youth player development. In 2016, he completed the Masters degree in Coaching program from the prestigious Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam.

Phil was also co-head coach of consecutive Dutch Talent League champions in 2019 and 2020. This is the top development league for youth in the Netherlands. From these teams, more than 10 players have followed their passion and received scholarships from US colleges or play professionally in local European competitions.

Urbian Vreds

Coordinator Youth Basketball Amsterdam

“Phil knows how to make kids enthusiastic about basketball and motivates them positively.”

Patrick Faijdherbe

Head Coach Apollo Basketball

“He helps us get better every day.”

Dimitrius P. Kaffatos

Chairman DED Basketball

“Phil’s enthusiasm and friendly impression first attracted me to join his basketball club about 10 years ago. As a teammate I got to know him better. His selfless commitment and consistent effort to help our team, together with obvious basketball talents made him the most important link in our club and it was natural for him to lead the team. Continually passionate, he is always looking for ways to improve our results and has attracted many new players to the club. He was competitive and contributed the maximum to our team well into his middle 40′s! A couple of years ago he made the natural step into coaching and we started a project on a different base: He is the coach/manager of our first team with me as a member of the board. Different base but with the same materials: commitment, good communication/cooperation along with hard work in the practice! Under his guidance this team became champion and our club has grown in multiple ways. His prior service as a youth coach provides a good base and he is continually building, extending and improving his knowledge and methods. Phil will have my support whenever I can offer it. ”