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Low Down on Padded Shorts

November 14th, 2012 Product Review


If you play ice hockey or lacrosse, then you’re no stranger to protective clothing or pads. Soccer players wear shin guards and squash players goggles, it’s just standard equipment. Even so, wearing protective padding is traditionally not worn in basketball, it’s a “non contact” sport. In reality, lots of contact happens both deep under the basket and out on the perimeter. Mostly it’s just a few bumps and pushes, and occasionally a hard full speed collision. As the level of play increases the force, number and frequency of contact increases. Top players actually seek out opposing player bodies and use the contact to their advantage.

Personally I’m regularly subjected to thigh bruises. Every year, I’d estimate that I get one of these bad boys at least three times a year. Typically this injury occurs when a defensive player sticks out their leg to prevent me from flying by them, or when I do the same. Damage can vary… a little one hurts and only slows me down a bit, a bad one features a multicolored bruise and at least a weeks RICE.


Ankle Brace Championship

April 30th, 2011 Product Review

Back in the 80′s my basketball coach required us to wrap our ankles. The previous years squad been decimated due to a stream of ankle injuries and Coach Clark would not allow this to happen again. Some years later it become common practice for top basketball programs to require all players to use some sort of ankle protection. I suppose growing up in Canada where the sports we played all required special gear, (ie helmet, stick, pads and skates = hockey) a little ankle wrapping was a minor inconvenience. Back then, we used cotton strips that were wrapped around the ankle and then taped or clipped into place. It took some extra time in the locker room, but that year our ankle injuries were reduced to zero.


Sprain Accessory

April 12th, 2011 Articles · Product Review

Keeping up with the latest fashions just hasn’t been a priority in my life. To put it another way, if there was a store that sold all stuff that I’ve previously bought I’d sign up to their subscription payment plan. I’m just simple that way, I like the stuff I have, and want more of the same.

So with my recent calf injury, (see Back in Grade 1)  I figured I could use the opportunity to brush up on my fashion image with a slick looking sports accessory. These days most pro athletes are wearing some sort of protective equipment or accessory. A knee pad, an arm sleeve of even some sort of body armor. In the NBA this trend is epitomized by the leagues likely MVP, Derrick Rose. After his last game which included a few of his now trademark high flying collisions Rose eloquently said “Just my will, my heart won’t let me stop.” A nice quote but perhaps he should give a little credit to the protective kit that keeps him safe in his bold flights through the paint for “And One With Board” (a foul while making the basket while using the backboard for the shot). (more…)

Back in Grade One

March 17th, 2011 Articles · Product Review



Von Wafer is just a cool sounding name. I just like to say it. Von Wafer. Say it to yourself…Von… Ok this is silly, I really should be in Grade One. For the last couple of weeks I have been a “Grade One”. I’ve been dealing with a Grade One Calf Sprain. and like many injuries a calf injury is graded by in it’s severity. With a Calf Sprain – Grade One, you’re usually out for around 2 weeks, Calf Sprain – Grade Two and you’re looking at least a month. With a Calf Sprain – Grade Three, let’s just say that you’ll need to see a doctor. This is a serious injury and you should let him or her advise  you. It’s a good idea to be careful with diagnosing a calf sprain as it’s the kind of injury that comes back to haunt you, as my story will tell. If you’ve got any more than slight discomfort after a week or so get a professional to take a look at it. (more…)

Breaking Ankles

March 12th, 2011 Articles · Product Review

In basketball it’s inevitable that you’ll sprain your ankle. It hurts plenty, and time moves in slow motion as the ankle is sprained. An ankle sprain is an everyday risk in many sports but it’s why basketball players wear “high tops” and not tennis shoes. I’ve found that most ankle injuries occur when landing on someones else’s foot. Your awkward landing and your own momentum cause the ankle to “roll over” resulting in an injury of various severity. Ankle sprains occur so frequently that many basketball coaches require players to tape their ankles every single time they play.

Taping your ankle is considered the very best way to protect your ankle. Taping your ankle takes time, patience and also a bit of money. A professional tape job takes up to 30 minutes and by some calculations taping your ankle can cost more than €100 a year in tape alone. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s the best way to protect your ankles.

A good alternative is to purchase a pair of lace up ankle braces. A good lace up brace can go a long way to protect yourself in many ankle sprain situations. A good brace like a good taping adds extra support and hopefully a split second more to “adjust and avoid” yet another injury to your tender puppies. Further a lace up ankle brace is easy to use, so you’ll use it more often. Playing with an ankle brace does take some time getting used to, and it’s often uncomfortable for the first couple of runs.

We will review five of the very best lace up ankle braces.  Pro-Tec, ASO, Swedo, and hopefully a McDavid and a Don Joy. It’s a tough field of competitors. A shout out to my man Jesus who just rolled his ankle. You will rise yet again!