In Ancient Greece, the philosopher Plato declared that “the unexamined life was not worth living” and was put to death for corrupting the minds of the local youth. His plays had featured a wise character named Socrates who when asked to sum up ancient philosophical knowledge replied with the now famous quote: ‘Know yourself.’

Then and now there remains extraordinary power in knowing yourself and many feel that this is literally the meaning of life.

Plato’s encouragement for reflection and self-knowledge was judged so great a danger to society and he was executed. What were the elder Greek leaders thinking? Most likely they were protecting themselves, as we now know that real danger comes with a lack of self-knowledge.

When we speak about self-knowledge, we’re alluding to a particular kind of knowledge, generally of the emotional or psychological kind. For this exercise we’d like to focus on the areas of self-knowledge that matter most in life, the areas concerned with the inner psychological core of the self.


For me, I experience the value of self-knowledge in these main areas. Love, Work, getting on with others and yes, dealing with money. By knowing myself better I can confidently advise that I have benefited in all these areas; and I’m sure you can too.



My “Knowing Yourself” journey that was recently kick started by the Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam and the Masters in Coaching program. The focus of the program is on knowing yourself, so you can coach others. In a quest to be a better coach, I looked inward at myself to what motivates and drives me. In this journey I came across a useful tool, it’s called the “Enneagram of Personality” which was developed in mystery back in ancient times and nowadays commonly attributed to Oscar Ichazo from a 1950’s training program.

The analysis is commonly done with pen and paper by high priced consultants, but for you my faithful readers we’ve developed a free online analysis. This system will feed back to you your two strongest Enneagram types and your opposite in an email. The analysis will take approximately 30 minutes, so be prepared, get yourself a cup of something and you’ll be amazed by the feedback and insights into your personality.



Online Enneagram Analysis




So what are you waiting for? Invest a bit of time in you and complete this free analysis.