There isn’t much on late night (after 2AM) besides infomercials on my TV. I click around the dial as I’m just too tired to get off the sofa and climb into bed. After a slew of cooking devices and phone sex lines I’ll inevitably find an “inspirational” sport device commercial. Here’s a collection of my favorite devices. The funny thing is that someone… somewhere…. is actually buying this stuff!

Shake Weight

I can’t see why any man would use this device. You’ll certainly have a more pleasurable workout using your own “equipment”. For those of you who play for the other team can I see the “Shake Weight” being a very effective high tech mating call. Throw in a couple sexy looks and this device is made for porn.


Here’s Ellen doing her thing on the iThing. The original video featured sexy girls grinding away as they ride their personal mechanical stallion and reminded me of a Madonna video. It’s since been removed as the company tries another version of it’s mechanical bronco.


The Hawaii Chair

This chair is just plain dangerous. I’ve seen a few video’s showing people being literally thrown out of the chair. It’s also recommended for the workplace. Yeah right… funny yes, a workout device….. come on now.

Vibra Tone

I had to have at least one electric shock device. This one with has the always funny Eastern european voice over. “Giazz Nicheee” It just goes to show that many cultures are drawn to the the fantasy of sitting around while “working out.”

AB Circle Pro

Another sit in front of the TV while you train device. To me, this video is a fitness video classic and multiple Academy Award winner. Snazzy 3D graphics, pumping tunes and a star studded cast. It’s the BladeRunner of fitness infomercials.

Bosom Buddy

It gives me a warm feeling to think that there are women out there using a Bosom Buddy and work on their “Snoopy nose”. This hilarious video inspires me to do some extra squats and work on my “Walnut Cracker”. You work it girl!

AB Coaster

Apparently this device can work when used correctly. Otherwise it’s just another dangerous and complicated adult ride for the living room. The AB coaster makes this list for boldly stating that you can “get fit in just 3 minutes a day”.

We’ll that’s my list of ridiculous fitness devices. I suppose it’s only natural for some percentage of the world population to believe in a magical fitness devices. Who knows, maybe someday there will be some miracle device invented. In the 50′s they laughed at Jack LaLanne and we’re all now conscious of eating healthy and visiting fitness clubs. Feel free to hit me back with an crazy devices that you find and we’ll add them to the list.