I predict that Miami will win the 2014 NBA Championship. And you’re thinking… “Thank you Captain Obvious!” It’s just after the first round of the 2014 playoffs so this “prediction” is more simply an increasing reality. Miami DOES look good, yup even THAT GUY (Mario Chalmers) on the left… and those Pacers look fragmented and broken. With the Spurs rolling in the West and “SterlingGate” distracting the Clippers, it’s also a safe bet to predict that Miami will meet San Antonio in the finals. A bit of deep patter might reveal something about “Father Tme” and a “tough showdown” with OKC only to conclude that it’s a “Back to Back” for the Heat. Actually… that’s three Championships in a row, but shucks…“Three Peat” just didn’t fit with my idea of a cool headline for an article about back pain.

So firstly let’s start with back pain being no joke. Your back is the center of all body movement, and when it hurts, you’ve a serious problem. In this article I’ll talk about my personal experience with lower back pain and I’ve even share my regiment with you. For me my back pain usually occurs after I’ve been playing basketball on hard surfaces. And this happens more often in the summer as the lure of the outdoor blacktop is hard for me to resist. I’ve gone to doctor a couple of times and the recommendation has always been “give it a rest”, so I’ve been forced to come up with something to work out the kinks during the early stages. Basically if you don’t see improvement after 72 hours go and see your local doctor but this should get you through the first few days most of the time.

This injury creeps into my life like some sort of evil fairy godmother. I wake up with a sharp pain in my back and feel like I’ve been stabbed in the night after a less than adequate sleep. With stiffness and pain, I resolve myself to a long tough day. My first step on these days is to bring out the roller massager. I do this for Myofascial release, the basic idea is to loosen up the muscles so that the body can heal the area, it’s most likely an upset ligament. I also use a thick weight lifting belt to support the back on the first couple days.

Step two is to keep the back moving, I do light stretching and movement throughout the day as I try to stimulate blood circulation and help the body heal. I find that you’ll need to do this at least five times a day, more if possible. Just don’t do anything that hurts and keep it moving. Limited motion is ok in the beginning. I also try to add a little more protein into my diet. A few eggs should do the trick. I do this for at least 5 days. Stick to it and repeat frequently. Be prepared for a long painful regiment. Stick to it and you should feel the improvement each day.

This is all pretty straightforward…the difficult part is staying away from the court when the sun is out. It’s not fun or easy, but to heal from this affliction I’ve a “No basketball rule.” After at least 5 days it should be safe to go back to some light physical activities. Give it time to heal. Your first few runs should be kept under 30 minutes of activity and with a maximum of 70% exertion. Take it easy, as it’s really common to re aggravate this injury. Give yourself at least two weeks on easy street and you’ll be back to playing with reckless abandonment like a young KG.


Now if I was to write the story lines for NBA theater the “better alternate Marvel universe ending” would be with the Spurs upsetting Miami. Wouldn’t it be just perfect to see the Spurs win this year? This would secure Tim “The Big Fundamental” Duncan as the greatest player of his generation surpassing Kobe Bryant in many people’s minds. Lebron James thinks this now, and says, “If I just look at the last 15 years, he’s probably been the most consistent, most dominant player that we’ve had as far as 15 years all together. He’s won four titles, multiple All Stars, MVP, and so on and so on”. Strong words from a knowledgeable King in a prelude to a real world ending which will end in a Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” massacre.

With the looming retirement of sports legends, It’s only fair to pay tribute to Two Time MVP, Steve Nash an almost retired sports Legend. Nash has chosen to document his last year in the NBA as he battles back injury in a series from the Grantland Channel.

And for an extra bit of inspiration… here’s the most recent of the video series. Let’s hope more follows!!

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