This article could be about how Tony Parker gives opponents “da business” in a multitude of ways…or even about why it’s strange that many basketball fans don’t really appreciate his game. But it isn’t. has a theme and I’m sticking to it. This article is about finding the best basketball socks.

Just as in shoes, choosing socks that fit properly is the first step. For this reason I can never recommend tube socks for top basketball performance. Tube socks might be easy to fit to growing feet but quality of the fit in the heel and ankle region can never be secured, and the loose cloth has a nasty tendency to bunch up. If socks fit too small you’ll run the risk of cuts as exposed skin meets the sharp edges in your shoes. If socks are too big your foot will move around in the sock. Both of these lead to bunching up and then to blisters. Having experienced this “minor injury”, euro step the problem and just get good fitting modern sport socks.

Your next decision was previously debatable but has now been conquered by modern technology. Yup I said it…technology is coming to socks and it’s coming fast. In the good old days many players wore two pairs of socks. These days we reap the benefits of the modern manufacturing process and socks can be specialized to individual sports.

The reigning champion of my sock drawer has always been Thorlo Socks, but because you can’t get them outside of the good ol’ US of A I’ve been forced to experiment with other brands.

Strangely, I feel guilty for stepping out on Thorlo with other socks. Is loyalty to your socks possible? I can only attribute this to a 20 year long relationship with the brand and early marketing genius. You see, Thorlo was one of the very first companies to offer a

”Lifetime Guarantee”. A nice marketing pitch, but socks do wear out. So many years ago I replaced my worn out socks with brand new ones… three times. Since then, Thorlo has expanded into a pillar of the community with strong “American Values” and the loveable marketing slogan “Designed for feet that hurt.” Check out the site for a bit of American business history. These socks are good. Even the King can be caught sporting a pair of them!


Typically I’ll buy my socks in bunches of three so over the years I’ve been able to test quite a few basketball socks. The UnderArmour “Ignite”, the Adidas “D Rose”, and a few other brands but we’ll make it short with some country wisdom… “If you don’t have anything nice to say…say nothing.” All these socks sell for around the same amount, a whopping €14 a pair.

So here’s my selection for the best basketball socks as of January 2014.

Nike Elite Basketball Socks

Cost €14 pair


The fit of these socks require a left and a right version as the two cushioned pads are positioned asymmetrically on either side of the foot. These are the traditional locations where you’d like some padding when cutting and changing directions. Nice one Nike! The sock is then designed to wick moisture up and out of the shoe using vertically oriented ribbing and Dri-Fit technology. This is also a key point in a modern sports sock and the Nike Elite sock does it well. These socks can be seen as a low cost variation of “The Kobe System”, where different insoles were inserted into the shoe. In this case cool looking socks will make a nice addition to your game kit AND work with all shoes. Further if you’re like over 90% of basketball players, you’re wearing Nike shoes, and you’re already hooked into the Nike system. As Nike can control where the seams and stress points occur in their shoes it makes sense to choose socks from them as well.

That being done, what about Tony Parker? You’ll say he’s good, and then branch off with some mention of “The Wild Thing” Russell Westbrook or “CP3″ Chris Paul in LA. I’ll then inform you that Tony Parker and the entire Spurs team wear special socks. See I’m still on subject, and I can’t help but smile when I think about the entire Spurs team wearing matching socks for the prevention of “Deep Vein Thrombosis.”

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