The locker room chatter for predicting which this years’ NBA Championships this year has begun. Yeah Miami looks good and they have something special going with the Thunder in OKC, but putting your money where your mouth is, takes an extra step. Somehow more effort is required when real money is put on the table.

Of course the Internet can help us to make a quick analysis of the current situation in the NBA. One easy way is to examine sports gambling sites, indeed I’m looking at sites that summarize the betting odds from a number of gambling sites. This way we can get a crowd sourced professional opinion of each team in contention. Specifically we get a good indication of the expected winner and the relative strengths of each challenger. This is called the “Outright” in gambling language. You can also bet on the individual games in all sorts of different constructions. Here’s where the odds currently stand.



Miami Heat

Miami Heat (2000 - Pres)

Odds staying about even, they remain the strongest favorite in a weak Eastern conference.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder (2009 - Pres) Odds getting better over the season. Getting out of the West will be tough this year.


Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers (2011 - Pres) Emerging as a possible champion in the Western conference.


San Antonio Spurs

Steady contender. Their stock increases as the playoffs approach, and their team rounds into shape without injuries.


New York Knicks

A potential contender in the Eastern conference. Anthony playing his best basketball ever. Chandler is a “Championship Center”.


Chicago Bulls

The return of Rose could rapidly change the odds with this team. He’s the missing piece to a team already with two All Star players and Boozer.


Los Angeles Lakers

Slowly falling out of  contention. Only diehard Laker fans remain excited about their chances. Gasol injury drives down the odds.


Boston Celtics

The odds on the Celtics dropped dramatically with the season ending injury of Rondo, but playing well recently with Paul “The Truth” Pierce leading the way.


Memphis Grizzlies

The odds on the Grizzlies dumped with the Rudy Gay trade. Still a dark horse, but the X factor has been removed. Who doesn’t love Tony Allen?


Brooklyn Nets

A long shot with improving chances as injuries hurt other teams. An underperforming Williams leaves lots of potential upside.


Indiana Pacers

This could be the dark horse upset of the season.



To help us better understand the “Odds”, I’ve chosen the easy to understand decimal gambling system. It works like this: If you were to put down $1 and your chosen team win’s the championship, you’d get that amount of money back. This means that you need to subtract your committed real cash to calculate your actually won money. For example, if you were to bet $1 on the Heat,  you’d get $3 back from your local bookie, so the actual win is $2. If you were crazy enough to to lay down $1 on the Lakers you’d get back $20 for a win of $19! Looks like easy money right?

As I delve into the world of the professional sport gambling on the Internet I must admit to feeling uneasy, even a bit dirty. Definitely need to do a round of history and cookie control. As my Asian blood my burns with games of chance and alcohol, I’m compelled to make this public recommendation more to myself than any one else. “Around friends a few bucks is ok, as long as it’s done in fun and when the amount of money is of little concern. “

Saying that, millions are spent on sports betting, and that’s an understatement. Along with the big bucks, comes professional and dedicated minds who produce a non biased viewpoint the situation. For a complete list with the changing odds you can check out these links, but a quick Google search will also get you loads of similar sites.

Outrights for the NBA Champiionship

Outrights for the Dutch Professional Football (Soccer) Very competitive this year!

Indeed these sites show that the favorite is the Heat, followed closely by the Thunder. These are expected favorites in the East and West Conferences. We then see the Clippers and Spurs with similar odds, indicating a possible upset in the West. A big difference in the strength in the Eastern conference with the Knicks and the Bulls can be seen in the odds. The Eastern contenders have half the chance of upseting the powerful Heat.

Well my Asian blood has reached it’s boiling point so I’ll leave this dark corner of the Internet. Personally I’m fascinated by the numbers that these  gambling sites provide and how accurately they reflect the potential of each NBA team dynamically over time. I hope these numbers make your locker room bets a little better. “LIKE US” if it did.