Now everybody get’s injured. It’s just part of the game, and the “experience” of sports activity. Perhaps I’m hanging out with too many marketing types but I’m taking a new approach to non “career” ending injuries.

I propose to highlight a few injuries with a picture, story or whatever other media is available. We’ll then give the “Injury of the Month” award/distinction to the injury that get’s the most votes.

What I hope to do with this “award”  is to raise awareness and inspire those who are injured with the happy confidence that they will recover. Awareness is good, but I also hope to pass on a bit of knowledge on how to treat the nasty injury. With the “Injury of the Month” we’ll report on various injuries and how they are best treated. This section is intended to be both inspirational and perhaps a bit informational for others with similar injuries.

I suppose it’s only appropriate that the Dutch taxation department moto is, ‘Leuker kunnen we het niet maken. Wel makkelijker!’ Which roughly translates to “we can’t make it nicer but we can make it easier!”. And this is also how I will now look at your typical injury. So instead of hiding the injury and the associated gore we will celebrate the injury as the first step to getting better. What do you think? Could this help? At the very least we’ll have a nice gallery of various injuries and stories!

Phil Winram
Last month winner was myself. I suppose it’s a bit unorthodox to give an “award” to yourself. But it’s significant and gory enough to qualify for an  award and it was the inspiration for this article. I was actually injured on the way to the sport hall while riding my bike. The crank shaft shattered suddenly and my leg was impaled on a shard of metal. A trip to the hospital and four stitches later a winner was born. The good news is that I’ve fully recovered and now have a nice scar to prompt a gory story and prove my bravery under the needle. No permanent damage!

So without further preamble, here’s this month contenders for the award. Please note that all these injuries are something that the athlete will recover from. It’s not nice to highlight career ending injuries. This month features one spectacular injury and a couple of nasty looking customers. That’s the injuries not the people. :)

Flavio Pasquino
Flavio broke his thumb while riding his bike. He’s also made a very nice video during his operation. Flavio is a 37 year old aspiring, strike that, now professional bike racer in the Netherlands who makes fun and enjoyable video’s with a wink and a laugh. He’s well on his way to recovery and we’ll look forward to reading and watching his exploits on his site.
Jorn Van Popta
Jorn sprained his ankle while playing basketball on the streets of Amsterdam. Now Jorn is the type of guy who plays hard and parties hard. So it was with little surprise that immediately after this nasty injury he’s flown off the the sunny climate of Portugal. He was last seen resting his foot by the pool drinking fancy cocktails and soliciting mercy sex from pretty girls. Way to go Jorn! We know we’ll see you dunking again. See the various shades and colors or purple and black in this beautifully painful example of a sprained ankle.


Johnny Hoogerland
This injury occurred during the Tour De France when a car swerved into a number of riders and threw The “Bull of Beveland” into a barbed wire fence. See the video here. Gruesome! What makes this injury all the more impressive is that Johnny  finished the Stage 9 after getting 33 stitches with a delay of only 17 minutes.


So there we have it. Please make your selection known and we’ll award the winner in the next installment.