Thinking of a catchy theme for this article I envisioned an island based Kung Fu tournament. Something like the Bruce Lee movie “Game of Death”, only this will be an epic battle between multi-vitamins. At the invitation stage a small and eclectic group will be invited to the tropical island of …. But let’s get real for a moment. This is going to be a be very tedious and very nerdy to do right. It’s not going to be pretty, flashy or even prestigious. No action scenes, nifty moves or slow motion screams. It’s basic pedestrian research but it’s something that’s someone, somewhere has got to do. I for one can’t be regularly stuffing pills in my mouth without some knowledge of what I’m consuming. Garbage in, garbage out applies.


So how does one go about doing this? Evaluating the many different versions and effectiveness of modern vitamins is one of those things that get’s more and more complicated as the problem is better understood. It’s easy to get led down the path by the latest trend or fad in the jungle of the supplement industry. There are “natural”, “organic” and “liquid” vitamins and many other types and claims all with an associated marketing story and celebrity endorsement.  These are all well and good and we’ll look into them in time, but for now I’m focused on what I actual need, and what is actually inside each multivitamin. For anyone who’s ever purchased a supplement before this is where most of us get frustrated and in the interest of time management pick a product by gut feel. We grudging buy into the marketing pitch and hope that our selection solves our supposed problem. Finally someone is looking behind the curtain of the multi-vitamin and looking for the wizard.

So just like any modern monkey of this age would do, I started with the Internet. Click this link for an exciting animation of the beginning of this long awaited study. You’ll quickly see that the food supplement industry is a murky and confusing place filled with all sorts of misleading and unsatisfactory information and lots of it. Many of these links pass on the condescending advice of “do your research” and “ask your doctor” to . We did find a pretty good article on the subject from the Web MD site and recommend you read this if you’re interested.

Our first step is to check a healthy normal diet without supplements. A healthy natural diet should be able deliver at 100% of your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals on most days. A multi-vitamin is best used as a sort of insurance and guarantee that you’re getting a full 100% of the these ingredients on every day. To do this in a scientific manner check out the article “Checking Your Oil”.

So this is what I’ve done so far. I’ve searched and researched the internet for the highest quality mulit-vitamins available for a male athlete and have begun to research and trial them. For every three month period I will test a different multi-vitamin and record my findings. One of the things I do is to compare the ingredients of each multi-vitamin with my requirements as indicated by the CRON-o-Meter. To do this yourself with your version of the CRON-o-Meter simply click “Add Serving” and create a new item with the listed quantities for Minerals and Vitamins as specified on the label. For example “Lambert Vitamin”,”Twins Vitamin” and “Centrum Vitamin”. With this information I can then then compare them against each other and along with the results of my general investigation get a better overview of the qualities of each multi-vitamin.


So to start this off I need a list of contenders. I will rank them as more information becomes available and as my investigation unfolds but for now dear multi-vitamins, you are the honored few but you are not the chosen one, at least not yet. Let the battle begin!

Men’s Best Sport Multivitamin Contenders

Lamberts’ Multi-Guard

Centrum Ultra Mens


Ultra Man Sport

GNC MegaMen Sport

Rainbow Light Performance Energy for Men

VitaComplete (Liquid Multivitamin)

Pro-Vit Strength & Performance Packs

*Please consult your doctor before taking a multi-vitamin and do your research. (or check back here in a few months for our next report) :)