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Ankle Brace Championship

April 30th, 2011 Product Review

Back in the 80′s my basketball coach required us to wrap our ankles. The previous years squad been decimated due to a stream of ankle injuries and Coach Clark would not allow this to happen again. Some years later it become common practice for top basketball programs to require all players to use some sort of ankle protection. I suppose growing up in Canada where the sports we played all required special gear, (ie helmet, stick, pads and skates = hockey) a little ankle wrapping was a minor inconvenience. Back then, we used cotton strips that were wrapped around the ankle and then taped or clipped into place. It took some extra time in the locker room, but that year our ankle injuries were reduced to zero.


Sprain Accessory

April 12th, 2011 Articles · Product Review

Keeping up with the latest fashions just hasn’t been a priority in my life. To put it another way, if there was a store that sold all stuff that I’ve previously bought I’d sign up to their subscription payment plan. I’m just simple that way, I like the stuff I have, and want more of the same.

So with my recent calf injury, (see Back in Grade 1)  I figured I could use the opportunity to brush up on my fashion image with a slick looking sports accessory. These days most pro athletes are wearing some sort of protective equipment or accessory. A knee pad, an arm sleeve of even some sort of body armor. In the NBA this trend is epitomized by the leagues likely MVP, Derrick Rose. After his last game which included a few of his now trademark high flying collisions Rose eloquently said “Just my will, my heart won’t let me stop.” A nice quote but perhaps he should give a little credit to the protective kit that keeps him safe in his bold flights through the paint for “And One With Board” (a foul while making the basket while using the backboard for the shot). (more…)