In basketball it’s inevitable that you’ll sprain your ankle. It hurts plenty, and time moves in slow motion as the ankle is sprained. An ankle sprain is an everyday risk in many sports but it’s why basketball players wear “high tops” and not tennis shoes. I’ve found that most ankle injuries occur when landing on someones else’s foot. Your awkward landing and your own momentum cause the ankle to “roll over” resulting in an injury of various severity. Ankle sprains occur so frequently that many basketball coaches require players to tape their ankles every single time they play.

Taping your ankle is considered the very best way to protect your ankle. Taping your ankle takes time, patience and also a bit of money. A professional tape job takes up to 30 minutes and by some calculations taping your ankle can cost more than €100 a year in tape alone. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s the best way to protect your ankles.

A good alternative is to purchase a pair of lace up ankle braces. A good lace up brace can go a long way to protect yourself in many ankle sprain situations. A good brace like a good taping adds extra support and hopefully a split second more to “adjust and avoid” yet another injury to your tender puppies. Further a lace up ankle brace is easy to use, so you’ll use it more often. Playing with an ankle brace does take some time getting used to, and it’s often uncomfortable for the first couple of runs.

We will review five of the very best lace up ankle braces.  Pro-Tec, ASO, Swedo, and hopefully a McDavid and a Don Joy. It’s a tough field of competitors. A shout out to my man Jesus who just rolled his ankle. You will rise yet again!


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